POINT #1: Unlike the movies there is no one else coming to save you.

• You need to be your own HERO if you want to live the life you want .
• The only way to be the hero is put in the work and be committed to your outcome.

POINT #2: If you’re not the HERO you’re the VICTIM of your story.

• If you are whining about why your life doesn’t work out you’re the victim.
• If you are constantly justifying why your life is shit, you’re the victim.

POINT #3: If you’re going to be the HERO it takes self awareness and assessment.

• You need to be able to self assess and relate what doesn’t work in your behaviour.
• If you can’t self asses and you’re not self aware you cant be the HERO.


• Will you stand up and be the hero for you and those you love in your life.


Look around and find where you have the opportunity to be the hero and you’re being the victim.