Point #1: No matter what it is you are going through, theres light at the end of the tunnel.

• You can get through anything that comes up in your life if you just keep going.
• Maintaining your forward momentum is the key. Even just getting up in the morning is a step in the right direction.

POINT #2: When you are prepared to do the work nothing is impossible.

• Choosing to keep moving forward through the shit is a choice.
• You’re the only person who can make the choice to do it.

POINT #3: You are the only one who can choose to push forward towards what you want.

• Anything is achievable if you’ll put in the effort.
• Tough times will only last as long as you decide you want to be stuck.


• Are you willing to do whatever it takes to keep moving through the shit???


• Look at your life and see where you are choosing to sty stuck in shit situations.