POINT #1: You can’t keep pushing yourself 24/7 without burning out.

• Taking care of yourself is just as important as driving hard towards your goals.
• Putting effort into looking after yourself will deliver even greater results long term.

POINT #2: You can’t pour from an empty cup.

• If you don’t look after yourself and recharge you will have nothing to give anyone else.
• If you do not have energy and drive you will be unable to achieve anything you want.

POINT #3: The more stressed, tired and worn out you are the worse your “demons” will be.

• Your fears, doubts and insecurities will be far worse when you are run down and stressed.
• Looking after yourself definitely helps with your mental health and confidence.


• What do you do for yourself in your life to rest, relax and recover?


• Put aside time every week, that is not negotiable, to just rest, relax an recover.