POINT #1: Do you stand up with Courage and live your life aligned with who you are?

• You need to have Courage to live in the real version of who you are.
• Other people will try to talk you out of being amazing, do you have the courage to believe in yourself and not them?

POINT #2: Do you live with the commitment to deliver the life to yourself that you really desire?

• If you want to live a life that most people never will then you need to be more committed than anyone else is.
• When you’re committed to yourself, your ideals and your goals then nothing gets in the way of you living like that

POINT #3: Do you have the Confidence to actually go after the life you want no matter what anyone says or thinks.

• Confidence in who you are and what you believe takes time and practice.
• Developing confidence in your decision takes time and effort. Will you commit to it?


• Will you live your life with the Courage, Commitment and Confidence needed to be AMAZING in all areas of your life?


• Ask yourself whether you have the Courage, Commitment and Confidence to deliver the results you want in ALL areas of your life?
• Write down your ultimate dream for each area of your life and then work out who you need to be to deliver it.