POINT #1: When you play it safe in your life you will die with regret.

• Embrace every opportunity to mov forward in your life to achieve your dreams.
• Don’t let your dreams die with you because you were to scared to go for it.

POINT #2: When you die don’t have the “normal” regrets.

• Don’t die wishing you had better relationships, better health or more satisfaction with your life.
• You are going to live the time anyway so don’t be in a rush to “get there” financially etc.

POINT #3: Don’t focus on one sector of your life at the detriment of all others.

• Don’t work for 50 years and then retire and wonder why you have no friends and your family isn’t around.
• Don’t be so focussed on $$$ that you forget all of the people in your life.


• Where in your life are you slowly sliding towards your death not taking control of your life.


• Look at all 4 areas of your life and choose 1 thing you can do to take control of your life.
• Business/career, relationships, Health and Fitness & Belief/Self Worth