POINT #1: Do you live your life on the defensive?

  • When you are defensive and waiting for shit to happen, you attract it to yourself.
  • Why do you always have your guard up? Probably because your don’t believe your life can be Amazing..

POINT #2: When your guard is always up you bring out the same behaviour in the people around you.

  • If you are fearful and distrusting of everyone around you they will be guarded and aggressive back to you.
  • When you are constantly looking for shit to happen to you, it will. Simple as that..

POINT #3: You CANNOT be connected and happy with your guard up.

  • A Strong, Powerful and Connected Man has the confidence and belief in himself that he can handle anything that happens in his life.
  • The more peaceful and trusting you are in your life the more amazing people and experiences you draw to yourself..


  • Do you constantly wait for people to disappoint you? Do you constantly look for where shit is going down in your life?


  • Be aware of how you feel during your day, when you feel defensive choose to be confident and peaceful instead.