POINT #1: Anything that is going to change your life is going to be uncomfortable

• To get to where you want to be in your life you will need to get outside your comfort zone
• This is going to cause you some pain and discomfort while you are growing into who you want to be.

POINT #2: How intense the pain will be is up to you.

• If you resist the change and the growth the pain lasts longer.
• If you acknowledge that you are in the situation you’re in because of your choices, the pain will fade faster.

POINT #3: When you embrace the pain and welcome the growth your life explodes.

• If you’re experiencing pain then you need to change something to change the situation.
• When you will embrace the pain and move forward you will learn the lessons and grow into the person you want to be.


• Will you embrace the pain to ensure you are the best version of you possible?


• Look at what causes you pain in your life and identify what needs to change and go and change it.