POINT #1: Your ATTITUDE determines the SUCCESS you will attain.

  • If you believe life is hard and everything goes to shit, it will.
  • When you believe anything is possible, you will achieve so much more.

POINT #2: The more you whinge and complain the more negative your life becomes.

  • Whingers complain about why they’re victims.
  • Champions push forward no matter what the situation and take responsibility for their life.

POINT #3: SHIT is going to happen, how you handle it determines your happiness.

  • Whatever you focus on happens more in your life.
  • If you constantly focus on what doesn’t happen and how badly people treat you more of that will show up.


  • How much do you whinge and complain about what doesn’t work in your life???


  • Observe yourself and your language for 24 hours and write down how many times you complain.
  • Look at the people around you in your life. Do they complain or are they happy and driven?