POINT #1: Do you sit back blindly hoping that your life will go in the direction you want?

  • When you react to other people in your life you are letting someone else control your direction
  • By letting the actions of others dictate how you feel you’re allowing someone else to drive the direction.

POINT #2: The ONLY way that you will ever get to where you want to go is by “Taking the reins” and steering your life in the direction you want to go

  • When you let someone else dictate the direction in your life then you have NO RIGHT to complain when shit doesn’t work out.
  • If you want a different outcome to what you’ve gotten before, take responsibility for it yourself.

POINT #3: It is easy to sit back and be a passenger in what’s happening because then you can be the victim.

  • TAKE CONTROL of your life and your direction and don’t let anyone else force you to go where you don’t want to
  • If you want to live an amazing life you will have to be willing to do what most people won’t.


  • Are you really unlucky in your life?
  • Does bad shit just keep happening to you?
  • Do people always do the wrong things by you?


  • If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you’re not actually taking control of your life.
  • TAKE THE REINS in every aspect of your life and determine your own outcomes.