POINT #1: If you don’t actually believe it is possible for you to win you never will.

  • When you expect everything in your life to go to shit, it definitely will.
  • If you believe that you are not worth having everything you want, then you’re right.

POINT #2: If your belief is all relationships are hard work, then they all will be.

  • You set the belief and standard for what you will accept in your relationships.
  • Do you believe that you deserve people treating you well or not?

POINT #3: Is your culture that you will never really be successful in your career?

  • Do you believe that you will always struggle, then you will.
  • Do you believe that you will never LOVE what you do, then you will be right.


  • What is your overarching culture and belief about your life???


  • Change your belief and culture to one where you believe anything is possible for you in your life. Then you have the chance to be really happy.