POINT #1: There is a distinct difference between venting and complaining?

  • If you are complaining just so you can get sympathy, then it is a negative experience.
  • If you are venting to find a better way to deal with a situation, then it’s a great thing.

POINT #2: It is all about what your intention is.

  • When you want to find a better way to handle someone, then venting is a great way to assess the situation.
  • If you’re telling the same story over and over again then you are merely bitching and whinging.

POINT #3: The great majority of people talk about situations just to be confirmed in their opinion.

  • Many people just want to be confirmed as the victim of the situation.
  • If you’re serious about taking control of your life you will vent not whinge.


  • Do you vent or do you complain in your life?
  • How often do you just bitch so you have something interesting to talk about?


  • Only ever discus a negative situation if you are wanting a solution.
  • If you just want to bitch then ask yourself why, is it because you don’t have anything more interesting to discuss?
  • If so that’s a sad indictment on you and your life.