POINT #1: Don’t compare yourself to others in your life.

  • Do you compare your life to everyone else around you and judge yourself on that?
  • You will be comparing yourself to someone else’s highlight reel, not the truth and reality of their life.

POINT #2: The only competition that you really have in your life is you.

  • The only person that you should really compare yourself to is yourself yesterday.
  • Make the comparison about how much better and more effective you are in your life compared to yesterday, last week, last year etc.

POINT #3: It is a totally normal behaviour to compare yourself to others, but it is not good for you.

  • A Strong, Powerful and Connected Man sets the bar for himself, he doesn’t compare himself to others.
  • It is totally OK to use someone for motivation. If you see someone who inspires you to be better than use that as motivation to improve.


  • Do you compare yourself to others and then feel bad about how shit you feel you are in certain areas of your life???


  • Choose 1 thing in each of the 4 areas of your life, Business, Belief, Relationships and Health & Fitness where you compare yourself to others and change that behaviour.