POINT #1 – You are far more important then the things you have and what you do.

• It is far more important who you are and what type of person you are.
• Your integrity, beliefs and values are far more important than what car you drive.

POINT #2 – We are at a point where “the things” are more important than “the people”

• Money and success is really important, how you get there is even more important.
• If great abundance and wealth comes from treating people like shit, that’s not OK.

POINT #3 – When the money, houses, cars etc is the most important thing to you, that’s sad.

• What type of parent, friend, partner, etc you are is FAR more important than the $$$
• Who you are determines your worth NOT what you have.


• What matters more to you, the things or who you are???


• Look at all areas of your life and ask “who am I?”
• Are all 4 areas of your life showing amazing success???
• Relationships, business/career, health & fitness, self worth & confidence.
• Are you showing up as the best version of you in ALL areas.