POINT #1: People often do the things in their life for the recognition.

  • When you have something bigger than you to work on, it motivates you further.
  • If your own happiness is the cause it is far easier to give up when it gets tough.

POINT #2: When you have a Purpose in your life it’s bigger than you or your problems.

  • Not everyone will agree with you purpose.
  • Some people may actually dislike you because you have a bigger purpose.

POINT #3: When you have a purpose in your life the level of satisfaction is FAR higher than if you’re just getting by.

  • When you find the thing/s that give you purpose you can achieve far more amazing success.
  • Your purpose will help motivate you when you really don’t feel like doing what you need to do for your success.


  • Are you motivated by the applause or by the cause???


  • Fine your purpose and you will find amazing focus and motivation to move you forward in your life.
  • If you didn’t have to work what would you do with your tine, that’s a hint to your Purpose