POINT #1: Lying is short term gain for long term pain.

  • People will eventually get sick of your lies and leave them behind.
  • It is harder to tell the truth but the outcome is worth it.

POINT #2: If you live a life of lies eventually nobody will trust you.

  • Eventually your lies will come to light and you’ll be exposed as a fraud.
  • If you need to lie, ask yourself why?? Is it because you won’t take responsibility for your life?

POINT #3: When you are a dishonest person your friendships and relationships are based on a foundation of lies.

  • When you lie a lot you become so used to not telling the truth it becomes a habit.
  • Your lies will cause you great anxiety and grief.


  • Do you lie to people to get what you want? why do you do it???
  • Does the lying and manipulation make you happy???


  • Always be truthful in your life, if you need to lie about something why are you doing it.
  • If you have people in your life who lie, remove them from your life.
  • If you must have them in your life, do not trust what they tell you unless you have proof.