POINT #1: It’s easy to start something, it’s freaking hard to carry through and finish it.

  • It’s so easy to start a fitness routine, it’s hard to keep getting up everyday and stick to it.
  • It’s easy to be a great parent to babies but it’s harder to stay connected and relevant to teenagers.

POINT #2: Getting started in something is so easy, staying committed is hard.

  • To stay committed to something that will take years to complete takes a huge commitment.
  • To have an idea and start working on it for the first week is easy, you’re still excited.

POINT #3: Greatness is staying committed and still trying long after the excitement has left you.

  • Great success comes from being committed to the long term action.
  • Anything that is worthwhile will take long term effort to gain the results.


  • DO you want to be good or great in your life???


  • Look at the effort and commitment you will need to get the results you want and set a plan on how to get there