• If something doesn’t work in your life, then you need to take responsibility for your actions that have created the situation.
  • DO what needs to be done to get Success, don’t make excuses.

POINT #2: Shit happens in life, deal with it, don’t make excuses for it.

  • If you want great results you need to take the action needed to get it.
  • Blaming other people or situations in your life gives all of the power away.

POINT #3: If things keep going bad for you in your life you need to look at the one common denominator, YOU.

  • If you find something doesn’t work for you look at what you’re doing to cause it.
  • Even if someone else treats you poorly, look at what you are contributing to the problem?


  • Where in your life are you making excuses instead of taking responsibility for your own actions???


  • Find one area of your life where something isn’t working and ask yourself what you’re doing that is causing it
  • Use this same strategy anytime thing don’t work out in your life.