POINT #1: If you haven’t seen the results yet doesn’t mean it’s not working.

• When you plant seeds in the ground nothing happens for a long time.
• Underneath there is growth before you can see it.

POINT #2: Your life is exactly the same as the seeds.

• If you can’t see them f=growing you walk away, or you dig it up, and they die.
• You need to trust the effort you are putting into your life, IT IS WORKING.

POINT #3: Patience is the key to your success in life.

• You need to keep going and never quit no the results will come.
• If you keep trying the result will come.


• What are you about to walk away from that may be just about to “break through the surface???”


• Look in all 4 areas of your life and look for something in each area, that you are about to walk away from, that is so close to working.