POINT #1: Are you able to look at yourself critically and take responsibility for your life?

• Can you look at the events of your life and take responsibility for your part in it.
• If your job, relationship, friendship fails, do you take responsibility for your actions in this situation?

POINT #2: Do you constantly blame other people and situations for your struggles?

• If you’re someone who seems to end up in similar situations over and over do you recognise the pattern or just say how unlucky you are?
• If shit happens to you over and over, then you HAVE to look at why it does.

POINT #3: Being able to honestly and critically assess yourself is essential for your life.

• When you can’t self-assess the same shit will keep happening and you’ll be ignorant to why.
• You should be the best person at assessing what is best for you in your life.


• Are you willing to look at yourself and really see where you are fucking things up in your life?


• If something happens more than once in your life work out what you’re doing that causes it.
• No matter what happens in your life understand you have responsibility for it.
• Practice the skill of self-assessment every day because your life depends on it.