POINT #1: When you decide to be the man you want to be it will alienate some people.

  • Some people in your life will not like the new you because it makes them look at themselves too closely.
  • You will find that you may lose some friends because of you standing up in who you want to be.

POINT #2: Some people may decide that you are just trying to be right all the time.

  • When you learn to stand in the power of who you are you may seem to be self righteous to some others.
  • Standing in your own strength of who you are takes great humility and lack of ego.

POINT #3: The people who love you for who you are will always stand by you.

  • When you decide to be the man you want to be you will find out who your REAL FRIENDS are.
  • You will find a new level of confidence and belief in yourself that will have you live a much happier life.


  • Will you stand up in ALL areas of your life as the Strong, Powerful and Connected leader you want to be no matter what other people think?


  • NEVER be afraid of being who you really are, the right people will love, support and appreciate you.