POINT #1: Am I the Man I want to be in every area of my life?

  • Am I the Strong, Powerful and Connected leader in all areas of my life?
  • We have lost the ability to be Strong men in our lives.

POINT #2: Do I really know what True Strength is?

  • Some Men have associated being Strong with Anger, Dominance and/or Violence.
  • It is time to realise Strength comes from being emotionally connected

POINT #3: Am I weak in my life?

  • Do I stand up in my life or do I leave the responsibility to lead to my wife/partner?.
  • DO I give my wife/partner the support to be a Powerful, Connected and Loving Woman in her life?


  • Where in the 4 areas of your life, Business, Belief, Relationships and Health & Fitness are you NOT showing up as a Strong, Powerful & Connected Leader. Write 4 areas down. ?


  • Put together 4 actions you can take today to be the Strong, Powerful & Connected Leader your family, business and health deserves in your life