Have you ever felt overwhelmed by stress?

Do you sometimes feel under pressure and irritable?

Do you feel like the world around you is getting faster and you can’t unwind?

Do you ever get angry with those around you, or have you become quiet and withdrawn?

We often don’t realise that we are suffering from stress because it is constantly with us. It is part of our ‘normal’ life and unfortunately, a stigma is still associated with being affected by stress or with not being able to deal with particular challenges in your life.

Workplace stress is becoming more and more prevalent as our lives become busier and the demands on our time and effort increase. According to Work Safe Australia, workplace stress costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year.

Stress can have serious effects on our health and well-being and often leads to extended absences and loss of productivity. It is something that can often go unnoticed or unreported until it reaches a tipping point and can adversely affect everybody connected to the person including family, friends and colleagues. Early identification of stress and the introduction of resilience strategies can prevent needless suffering and allow people to identify issues before they become insurmountable.

In the workshop I tell my story to remove the stigma surrounding stress and mental health challenges while teaching participants to develop their own resilience and drive.

During this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The key indicators that someone is suffering from stress
  • How to identify the real causes of stress
  • Positive coping strategies to deal with the physical and mental effects on our health
  • How to reduce stress in our lives
  • What is the difference between “good stress” and “bad stress”
  • What we should do if we suspect another person may be having problems
  • Where to go for help if you feel you need some support
  • How to be a High Performer
  • How to build resilience to the stress of modern life
  • How to use stress as a positive driving force in your life/career

Real Life Applications

This unique workshop does not simply present theoretical ideas with no application to the field. It relies on real-world events and tactics that will have a powerful impact on the participants. Workshops are uniquely tailored to the client’s requirements and location.

Investment: $3,300 incl GST plus travel costs.

If you are wanting to present multiple workshops in one day a discounted rate will be applied. If funding these workshops is a problem, please contact me to discuss.

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