This is the first interview I did after coming on board with WPN Wear as their ambassador for Men’s Mental Health.

Check out their awesome training apparel for men at I HIGHLY recommend it. These guys are serious about making a difference to Men’s Mental Health and also delivering ethically produced athletic/leisure wear for men.

“At WPN. men’s mental health is a cause that we are extremely passionate about. We are determined to make a change in men’s live’s. Modern life has many pressures, long work days, high-stress jobs, little exercise, family stress and none feel this more than Men.

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Strong Life Project. Shaun from the Strong life Project will be sharing with us in detail over the next few months what he calls his 5 keys points to happiness. Shaun has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to living a happy, healthier and more connected lives, that will help all males no matter what stage of their career or life they are.

In this video, we talk about his journey and his partnership with WPN. His story is fascinating and the process to pull himself from the brink is inspiring, and now his dedication to helping the male community could help you!”