BD387F79-02F7-49B4-9329-3711B0C00D9E-625-00000074225E8D0EThis is an interview from The Chief Life that I did in June 2016. It explains my story and how The Strong Life Project came about. I hope you like it.

“Shaun O’Gorman of FocusWOD and The Strong Life Project joined us on the show. Both of these are businesses designed to help people overcome and deal with mental issues/states of mind.

FocusWOD is based on mindset specifically for CrossFit. It’s all about your focus, drive, commitment, fears, doubts and insecurities and how you can reason with yourself using these to increase your CrossFit performance.

The Strong Life Project was designed to help other males, specifically who have gone through or are suffering from P.T.S.D. This is something close to Shaun’s heart, and an experience that can be truly debilitating no matter how big or small the original event was.

Shaun was a police officer in the dog squad for many years. He reveals many experiences of his time in the service. These experiences played on his mind daily and started to affect his sleep, mindset and life. He had troubles being in crowded places and eventually got to the point where he was lying in bed, crying his eyes out with his own gun to his head, ready to take his own life.

Depression is a serious issue and often one that can go unseen. Shaun explains how he got through his tough times and how he and you can help others.”