How to manage stress, build resilience and keep a connected, productive team through COVID lockdown

COVID lockdowns are impacting millions around Australia, and as the lockdowns roll on from weeks into months, your team members are probably (understandably) struggling with the reality of working from home while managing the day-to-day realities of their life.

The result? People are burning out, becoming disengaged and productivity is waning.

In this 90 minute live online workshop, I take your team through strategies to not only survive in lockdown, but to climb above their circumstances to remain engaged  and productive in their work and personal lives.

Shaun O'Gorman presenting a workshop

The Live Online Workshop

Before the workshop, I connect with you to understand the particular challenges faced by your team, and the impact it’s having on their wellbeing and performance. I then deliver the workshop live (via Zoom), tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

The workshop covers topics such as:

  • The neurochemistry of stress (particularly in isolation, loneliness) and how to overcome your primal impulses
  • Operating from your chosen identity rather than the circumstances in which you find yourself
  • Identifying the opportunities in lockdown
  • Ways to stay engaged as a team
  • The life basics you can incorporate into daily life to build resilience and wellbeing.

The workshop is recorded and provided to you so that team members can revisit the content as needed.

Investment: $2000 inc GST.

(Includes the pre-workshop meeting, 90 minute live workshop and lifetime access to the recording).

It is clear to see and feel that Shaun deeply cares for his clients, and through our time spent working together, I feel more connected to my strength, resilience and more importantly, I am enormously excited and driven to live the magnificent life I desire. I cannot recommend Shaun’s work and Shaun enough and this includes his podcast, The Strong Life Project which always serves to fire me up in a very good way. Thank you Shaun, I am deeply grateful that you are so driven and willing to serve others in the way you do.”

Bringing the right attitude to work, relationships and life, in general, is the single most important thing we can do as individuals. Thanks to Shaun, I am happy to say my attitude is exactly where I and those around me need it to be.”

Linda G

“I highly recommend Shaun O’Gorman and the Strong Life Project. He will challenge the way you think, change how you deal with everyday situations allowing you to become emotionally connected and more emotionally aware. Not only dealing with stress but to be more connected with your life, creating self-worth and learning to love yourself.

As Shaun would say “The World is your Oyster brother, go out and conquer it” After spending 6 weeks with Shaun he changed and challenged my way of thinking and I have learned to love me again! An amazing journey and I have much love for this man and all he does.”

Shane J

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