Survive the job presentation

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The epidemic of Police, Military and First Responder personnel dealing with mental/emotional injury as a result of their service is a tragedy. The fact that you amazing men and women risk your lives to protect the general public and then get little support to deal with what you see is appalling. I want to help you put strategies in place to look after yourself, your families and your colleagues, and dramatically reduce the impact the job has on you.

I hosted this webinar because of the amazing response I received from my announcement of the upcoming launch of my book “MY DARK COMPANION” as well as my podcast interview with Garrett Teslaa from “THE SQUAD ROOM PODCAST”

I have received messages and emails from around the world thanking me for my honesty and openness around my own battle with PTSD, depression & suicide as a result of my 13 year Police Career. I never expected such a response and it highlights to me, even more, the desperate need to help our brothers and sisters on the front line.

I understand the fear Police, Military & First Responders have engaging in anything that discusses Mental Health or similar, and I also understand the stigma that is still attached.

Through this education process I have learned to not only cope with, but to be a “Survivor” of, these conditions. I am NOT a trained medical professional, this education and information is purely based on my own experience conquering PTSD, depression & suicide. If you are suffering acute PTSD or Mental Health symptoms, please contact a medical professional immediately.

This webinar will contain information, tools, and strategies, to help best prepare you for what you will see and experience in your job, as well as the shit you have already seen.

Please share this link with anyone you think would benefit from this information…

Thank you for your service and Stay Safe

Shaun O’Gorman