There is a big difference between a boss and a leader.

A Boss manages people, a Leader inspires people.

The culture of your organisation is determined by your quality of leadership.

Most people have no idea how to lead, they just dominate and hope people do what they say.

Managers get to that level by being great at a set of particular skills, not because of their leadership ability.

I have worked in both government and private enterprise, and it never ceases to amaze me how blasé most people are about leadership. It is something we believe is just a skill that ALL people possess. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case.

I am constantly amazed that in today’s modern society leadership is still something that is not seen as a priority in a lot of businesses and organisations. It’s regularly paid lip service, but nowhere near enough is done to help develop managers into AMAZING LEADERS.

Workplace stress is becoming more and more prevalent as our lives become busier and the demands on our time and effort increase. According to Work Safe Australia workplace stress costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year.

The greatest cause of stress in the workplace is poor culture and leadership. When employees don’t feel valued they will be less engaged, less productive, and the business will experience high staff turnover and lacklustre results. Despite popular opinion, money is not the major driving factor for most people, a feeling of purpose in their work is, along with feeling valued by their company or employer.

I have worked for some amazing leaders and also some terrible bosses. I have also led teams of people as a Police Officer as well as a manager in corporations. I have also dealt with so many businesses and organisations as a consultant and notice the same basic mistakes are constantly made. During the past 17 years of my education around Human Behaviour and High Performance, I have learned so much about why we act the way we do and what drives our behaviour.

Developing a great culture and strong leadership means educating and engaging both management and employees alike.

During this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The difference between being a boss and a leader
  • How to identify the destructive behaviours that destroy culture
  • How to foster a great culture within ANY workplace
  • What to focus on to become a great leader
  • Why someone would walk into a burning building for one manager and wouldn’t cross the street for another
  • Why culture is so important in guaranteeing high productivity and profitability in any business
  • What to do to ensure an engaged and motivated workforce
  • How to deal with workplace conflict
  • How to manage difficult employees
  • How to make being a great leader an enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying experience for you.

Real Life Applications

This unique workshop does not simply present theoretical ideas with no application to the field. It relies on real-world events and tactics that will have a powerful impact on the participants. Workshops are uniquely tailored to the client’s requirements and location.

Investment: $3,300 incl GST plus travel costs.

If you are wanting to present multiple workshops in one day a discounted rate will be applied. If funding these workshops is a problem, please contact me to discuss.

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