Shaun O'Gorman high performance coach

I help forward-thinking organisations create a high performance culture that brings out the best of their individuals and teams, for the ongoing success and sustainability of the business.

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Shaun O'Gorman presenting The Strong Life workshop

For Your Team - Workshops

Teach your people how to deal with stress, develop resilience, take responsibility, be better leaders, and develop a high performance culture.

Executive immersion retreat

For Your Leaders - Executive Immersion

Step out of your usual operating environment and into a weekend specifically designed to challenge, inspire and develop your key players into high performance leaders.

Shaun O'Gorman coaching a client

For You - Mentoring / Coaching

Create a life you love (and get over the bullshit stopping you from getting there) with focused personalised mentoring over a 12 week or 12 month period.

Who is Shaun O’Gorman

For 13 years I was an accomplished and recognised Police Office and member of the Queensland Police Dog Squad. It was a career full of highlights, but not without its personal toll on my physical, emotional and mental health. I suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and clinical depression. Those I turned to could tell me why I was the way I was,  but no one could tell me how to overcome it.

What followed was a 20 year journey of personal development, study, education, working with coaches and mentors and finding every piece of information possible on resilience, stress and leadership – with the end goal of healing myself and becoming an effective leader in my own life.

I forged a successful 15-year corporate career in commercial property, working in high performing teams in multinational corporations, becoming the National Leasing Manager of a $1.6 billion investment fund.

Still, I awsn’t living the life I wanted to live – one of integrity, passion and purpose. I felt unfulfilled, empty and without purpose. I had the cars, houses and money, but it didn’t make me happy.

Shaun O'Gorman

In 2011 I started a passion project working with clients part-time to live their best lives. Then in 2017 I left the corporate world and launched full time into my passion of helping people. I now devote my life to helping others using the knowledge, education and experience that helped me create a high performing life where I am happier and more fulfilled than I ever thought possible. And from that passion and purpose, I now help my clients be high-performing leaders in their careers and lives.

When I first met Shaun, I was one fight loss away from quitting my fight career. As an MMA fighter, I had lost 4 fights in a row and had 10 wins and 8 losses from my professional career. Shaun helped me with my mindset around fighting and I not only won my next fight but went on to secure a UFC contract. I fought 6 times for the UFC. Now I run my own martial arts and fitness center, which I had always dreamed of but never thought was possible. When Shaun and I first worked together I told him my dream was to fight UFC and run my own gym, he absolutely helped me make that dream possible.

To say Shaun has helped me is an understatement, he showed me a totally different way of thinking and I have continued to develop this for the last 5 years. This has had a huge positive impact on my business, marriage, being a Dad and my life in general.

I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone who wants to make changes in their lives and achieve amazing outcomes.

Damien B

Shaun is a refreshingly unique, left-of-centre character, who is totally up to something amazing in this world. Upon first meeting, Shaun completely understood my situation, but on the flip-side, he didn’t dwell on the detail. He helped me to move things forward in places I felt otherwise stuck. He showed me where I wasn’t helping myself, and in fact that I wasn’t stuck.

Shaun is the kind of person who lives his values and helps others to do the same. His infectious enthusiasm and energy are next-level – and single-handedly, he makes the world a better place.

Sally A

Ready to have a chat to find out more? Give me a call on 0431 170 321, email or fill in the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.