I offer one-off two-hour coaching sessions to help you deal with a particular situation where you need advice and support. These are not part of an ongoing program or structure and only deal with the impact of the particular circumstance we are discussing.

The best way to describe this is a NO BULLSHIT, straight to the point two-hour session to address whatever challenge you are dealing with. I will help you get to the bottom of what is happening and then identify what you need to do to move forward and bring resolution to the situation.

Shaun O'Gorman coaching a client

Why choose coaching?

Clients use this coaching to gain insights and advice for the following types of situations:

  • Career advice
  • Relationship guidance
  • Preparation for major presentations or interviews
  • Advice for dealing with conflict within their personal or professional life
  • Stress management techniques and guidance
  • Accountability assessment for major decisions in their life
  • General life guidance and advice
  • Clarity in decision making

My coaching is $550 incl GST per two-hour session. There is no ongoing commitment, you can use it as often or as infrequently as you choose. As a follow-up, I will send you a coaching worksheet to help you deal with the particular situation.

All great athletes, professionals, and business people have a coach. Please fill in the form below to get in touch to schedule your coaching appointment.

I have worked with Shaun to break through old beliefs and stressors that were contributing to feelings of being stuck and general unhappiness. Shaun takes the time to truly listen, understand and guide you through positive change. Essentially the change is our doing but Shaun is a master at inspiring and exciting us into action. His straight-shooting manner is disarming and honest and he certainly does not buy into excuses and let you off the hook. An essential part of the growth I believe.

It is clear to see and feel that Shaun deeply cares for his clients, and through our time spent working together, I feel more connected to my strength, resilience and more importantly, I am enormously excited and driven to live the magnificent life I desire. I cannot recommend Shaun’s work and Shaun enough and this includes his podcast, The Strong Life Project which always serves to fire me up in a very good way. Thank you Shaun, I am deeply grateful that you are so driven and willing to serve others in the way you do.”

I reached out to Shaun, knowing that anyone who has served in the Police tends to be a straight shooter. From the outset, it is clear he is not the sort of guy to wrap his arms around you and tell you everything is going to be Ok. That is not his style. He delivers a message that is powerful and on point. He tells you what you need to do in a way that not even your closest friends and family would do. Sometimes it may feel confronting, but its always delivered with your best interests in mind.

I have to say the impact on me of working with Shaun has been nothing but positive. My mind is clear and focussed, I am getting on with building an awesome business and life is great.

Bringing the right attitude to work, relationships and life, in general, is the single most important thing we can do as individuals. Thanks to Shaun, I am happy to say my attitude is exactly where I and those around me need it to be.”

Linda G

For the last few months Shaun has been helping my family and I overcome some individual barriers and problems which I had been struggling to overcome for years. Shaun and his awesome mentoring has enabled me to start a new and exciting chapter of my life which I can comfortably say I thought I would never experience. His knowledge and experience are exceptional and have really put me on the right path to have a happy fulfilling life and I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and dedication.

Thanks for everything you do mate. The way you have helped dad has been awesome and I’ve really benefited from it. Just seeing a guy like dad, and how he has changed, has really made me put everything into perspective. Much appreciated once again.”

Will H

“I highly recommend Shaun O’Gorman and the Strong Life Project. He will challenge the way you think, change how you deal with everyday situations allowing you to become emotionally connected and more emotionally aware. Not only dealing with stress but to be more connected with your life, creating self-worth and learning to love yourself.

As Shaun would say “The World is your Oyster brother, go out and conquer it” After spending 6 weeks with Shaun he changed and challenged my way of thinking and I have learned to love me again! An amazing journey and I have much love for this man and all he does.”

Shane J

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