I was recently reminded of this quote I love when a good friend of mine referenced me using it with him in an article he wrote.

It really sums up the attitude I endeavour to have towards any challenge or obstacle I encounter in my life. In today’s environment, where so many people face new challenges we haven’t seen before, I think it is more pertinent and relevant than ever.

I am talking to many people who are facing significant difficulties in their lives, from lockdowns to home-schooling, business and career challenges, financial strain, and all of the ancillary effects of these things. Our relationships can be strained, our stress levels increase, and general resilience and optimism for the future can wain like our motivation to exercise when it is cold, dark, and raining outside.

The notion that you have survived 100% of your challenges so far in your life is something to really anchor into and not just brush it aside as a motivational quote or a shit idea for a bumper sticker. You have faced so many challenges in your life so far, so many that most have faded into your memory, meaning you aren’t even consciously aware of what they have taught you.

You are living proof that you have managed to survive them all because you are still breathing. If this is the only positive thing you have to look at, there is still hope for you because of it. You can always make more money; you can find another job, start another business, and find a new relationship. What you cannot do is look forward to your life motivated, driven, and positive if you are focusing on everything that isn’t working.

The neurological make-up of our brains is simple. There is a mechanism that takes our subconscious information and brings about 5% of that information into our conscious mind. This is called the Reticular Activating System. When you have this RAS set to “Life sucks and everything is shit,” this filter scours the subconscious and finds all of the evidence confirming your belief. The opposite is also true. If you are positive and believe that everything works out and there is a new opportunity just around the corner, then similarly, your subconscious will offer up evidence of this to be fact.

This is why a positive mindset works and shows how it isn’t woo woo bullshit but actually scientifically proven fact.

You have survived 100% of your challenges so far, stay focused on the belief you can overcome anything, and then get out in your life and take action to create what you want.