One of the major problems I see with many of the people I work with is that they care way too much about what other people think of them.

We have all been conditioned to try to keep everyone around us happy and to try and fit in with the crowd, the problem is this limits your individuality, passion and purpose. We are all very different and have very different passions but we will change who we are and “wear the mask” of the people we want to fit in with.

When you allow other people to dictate how you act, what you think and most of all, dictate what you think is possible, you are heading down a very slippery slope to mediocrity. When you are focussed on keeping everyone around you happy you will be dulling down your own spirit, drive and passion.

If you are someone who is extremely driven to making a difference in the world but your friends are “normal” people who just go to work, hang out for the weekends and live a fairly simple life then you will absolutely have to water down your beliefs to fit in. If you don’t then you will probably find that you bring judgement and possible ridicule on to yourself as you want to play the bigger game in your life but those around you don’t understand why.

Some people around you will be challenged when you want to push your limits and become a better person. If you are making a massive effort to be a better parent, or a better partner, or to be healthier and fitter or advance yourself professionally there will be those that question and challenge you as to why. The reason they do this is because if they accept that any of those things are possible they have to admit to themselves that they are not putting in the requisite work and effort to achieve it themselves. This is extremely challenging for many people.

When you want to play a BIG GAME in your life it will come with challenges and one of those is moving away from the toxic people in your life who want to hold you back to make themselves feel more comfortable.

Don’t ever let someone else’s opinion influence who you are, what you want and what you think is possible. You were born and individual and you have the right to live your life exactly as you wish, as does everyone else.

Support those around you in their dreams and goals and feel free to pursue yours with all the vigour they deserve.

Go out and live with Strength, Tenacity, Resilience, Optimism, Nurturing and Generosity and you will be living THE STRONG LIFE.