As you travel through your life, you will come across people who don’t like you. You will come across people whom you are just not their cup of tea. Sometimes, unfortunately in life, we will find people that just do not like us for whatever reason. When you are strong enough in who you are, you have the ability to self-assess and you realize that the person you are serves you well and serves others well, then don’t ever apologize for who you are. Only ever double down on your strengths and be the best version of you-you can possibly be. You don’t owe anybody anything. As long as you treat people fairly and with respect in your life and you haven’t honor and loyalty, then there is no need for you to change anything about yourself to suit someone else.

Often when you are changing your behavior, it is because you want to fit in. It’s because you want someone else to think you’re a good person. It is because you want to be popular. This is the 100% guaranteed way to live a fraudulent life when you are totally caught up in the imposter system and you will be miserable. I spent close to 40 years of my life pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I was a chameleon of sorts to fit in with whoever I was around at that time because I so wanted people to like me.

For the past seven years of my life, and definitely for the past five, I have lived my life 100% true to who I am, and I do not give a fuck what anybody thinks. I don’t let people pull me out of who I am. I don’t let people influence the way I behave. I am who I am. I’m strong on my purpose. I’m 100% grounded in who I am and I will never change that.

I still have days where I doubt myself. There are still days when I ask myself the question, am I being the best version of me? Why does that person not like me? Why did it not get the response from that person that I wanted? But ultimately, when I dig to the bottom of that foundation of my own self-worth and confidence, it’s strong. I am the most important person in my life when it comes to the opinion of me.

I am 100% motivated to help other human beings and be an amazing person. I am 100% motivated to be the best father I can be. I am 100% motivated to be the best partner, friend, son, person I can be. But, I will not change who I am to keep other people happy. If people do not like who I am, then I am more than happy for them to leave my life. If people do not like who I am, then I am more than happy for them to distance themselves from me. The bottom line of your life is, be who you are, double down on your strengths, never apologize for the person you are. If somebody doesn’t like who you are, that’s their problem, not yours, so long as you are doing everything in your power to be the best human you can be.