The people that we surround ourselves with dictate the future success that we will enjoy in our life. Too many people have friends in their life that are negative, who don’t believe anything’s possible, who will deliberately sabotage you to keep you down so they don’t have to look at their own life. The unfortunate truth is many people are selfishly motivated to keep you in the place you’re at because it keeps them comfortable.

If you have people in your life who are very negative, who aren’t motivated, who aren’t ambitious, then it will be very, very difficult for you to be those things. If you want to be driven, focused, motivated to create an amazing life for yourself, then you need to audit the group of people that you spend the most time with. You may even have to look at your parents and your family. If your parents and your family are negative and think life is difficult and that it’s impossible to get ahead, then it is very likely you will share some of those same opinions.

Have people in your life who are successful, who are happy, who have amazing relationships and great health and fitness, they are the people that you want to spend the most time with. The people who are the most driven, who are the most focused, and who are the happiest are the ones that you want to look at, emulate, and surround yourself with.

Negativity breeds negativity. Positivity breeds positivity. If you stay with the people who are the happiest, who are the most focused and motivated, if you can have the people in your life who will live the best version of themselves they possibly can, then that will rub off on you and have you doing the same thing. You may have a friend that you’ve had in your life for 15 years, but if they’re negative, unhappy, and miserable, then you need to stop spending so much time with them. People who are negative will breed more negativity in you. People who are miserable will bring out more misery in you. If you are surrounded by focused, positive, happy human beings, then you will naturally be a far more positive, happy, and focused human being.

It is amazing to me how little time we spend looking at this part of our life. I now audit my friendship circle all of the time. I spend time with positive, driven, happy people. I spend very little time with negative, miserable, unhappy people. There is a big difference between spending time with people who are having a tough time and spending time with people who are intrinsically negative and miserable. I do not surround myself with people who believe life is tough and that it’s unfair. I surround myself with people who are motivated, driven, and focused to create their own amazing future.

Your future and your life is in your hands. It’s totally up to you how you succeed and what you can achieve. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you so that you can live the best version of you possible.