We often hear about people who are born with amazing talent and skill in a particular area. Athletes, Business people, Authors, Actors the list goes on and on. The reality of this situation is that talent is a small part of the equation.

Talent will only take you a very small way along the journey to success, HARD WORK & EFFORT will get you all the way to your goals.

I love the saying “Hard work beats talent when talents doesn’t work”. It tell sus all that there is an infinite world of possibilities out there for us if we are prepared to put in the effort to get there. I know form my own experience that never at any stage until the past decade did I think I could have the skill to be able to hep other people get on track and live amazing lives. The only way I developed these skills was through hard work, dedication and perseverance. I have just finished writing my first book that is 73,000 words long and took me about 10 months to write. It is my own story mixed with the lessons I have learned that can help others live a happy life. I never dreamed that I could be an author but I dedicated myself to the process and just had a crack at it. I am not a natural writer but have developed this skill over many years of writing blogs, articles etc and some of them really sucked. The hard work and perseverance is what has developed these skills for me to where now I get great feedback on the articles etc I write. Hard work beats talent.

Look around in your own life and ask yourself where have you let yourself off the hook from chasing your dreams because you have accepted that you’re not talented in that area?. DO you believe you’re not a natural athlete, do you believe that you’re not that smart?, do you believe that you’re not that confident?. Fill in your own blank of “I believe I’m not that xyz”
My firm belief is that you can achieve anything you want in your life if you’re wil ling to commit to the effort, time and commitment necessary to achieve it. It may take a long time but it is definitely possible if you never give up.

If you are going to solely rely on your talent for success in your life then you are going to live a fairly unhappy life I would suggest. Your belief in what is possible for you is the real determined to factor for your success and happiness. The good news is your belief is something that you have absolute influence over because it is something you created somehow along the way. Nobody else determines what you believe is possible for you, they can certainly influence it both positively and negatively, but ultimately you have to accept what they say and form the belief yourself.

When you are willing to push forward with your dreams and goals, even when they seem absolutely unachievable, only then can you really find out where your limits are. When you are prepared to work hard and persevere you can overtake anyone with amazing talent who hasn’t had to work hard and therefore develop the resilience necessary to overcome major obstacles and hurdles that we all experience in our lives.

With enough hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything you want to in your life and along the way you can develop amazing talent in the most important areas of your life…. The areas of hard work and perseverance.