– Have you noticed a change in your teenagers behaviour?
– Do they seem under pressure and irritable?
– Do you feel like they are be becoming overwhelmed by the stress and pressure of their life?
– Have you noticed them becoming angry with those around them, or have they become quiet and withdrawn?

We often don’t even realise that we are suffering from stress because it is constantly with us. It is part of our ‘normal’ life and unfortunately a stigma is still associated with being “diagnosed with a Mental Health Condition.” Our young people are no different. They are not immune to the difficulties of life and in todays modern world it can be overwhelming for our youth.

Stress can have serious effects on our children’s mental health and well-being. This can lead to more serious consequences in mental health conditions such as depression and even suicide with this being the leading cause of death in people aged 15 – 24. It is something that can often go unnoticed or unreported until it reaches a tipping point and can adversely affect everybody connected to the person including family, friends and the broader school community.
Early identification and the introduction of strategies can prevent needless suffering and allow our young people to identify issues before they become insurmountable.

During this workshop, participants will learn:
• The key indicators that someone is suffering from stress
• How to identify the real causes of stress
• Positive coping strategies to deal with the physical and mental effects on our health
• Where to go for help if you feel you need some support
• How to deal with bullying, both in person and cyber based
• How to build resilience to the stress of modern life
• How to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol for self-medication of deeper emotional, and potential mental health issues
• The shift in perspective for youth from fixed to growth mindset leading to the development of resilience and stress management skills alleviating the need for self-medication
• The development of self-awareness enabling youth to be leaders in their lives and not followers
• The benefits of creating strong self-identities for Youth, lessening the impact of peer pressure
• Explanation of the inner fight and conflict around “doing the right thing” and why it occurs. How the traditional “Caveman” Limbic Brain response drives the “need to fit in”
• Explanation of the Limbic Brain response to fight/flight fear responses that drives young people into depression and ultimately suicide in the worst cases
• Educating them out of their false belief that they are the only person having fears, doubts and insecurities, and that everyone else “has it all together”.


This unique workshop does not simply present theoretical ideas with no application to the field. It relies on real-world events and tactics that will have a powerful impact on the participants. Workshops are uniquely tailored to the client’s requirements and location.


Find out more about Shaun’s Background, Shaun’s Keynote Speaking, The Critical Stress Training Workshop & Resilience Building Workshop here.




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