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Shaun O’Gorman has worked with hundreds of individuals over the past eight years to assist them in creating amazing lives.

Shaun has experienced significant difficulty and trauma throughout his life. Using the life experience and knowledge he has gained overcoming these tough times he now helps other people do the same.

Shaun has developed extensive skills in being able to guide his mentoring and coaching clients to take action necessary for them to create the result they desire. Whether that be in business, career, relationships, self-confidence, stress management, resilience development or leadership. His unique experience from 13 years as a frontline Police Officer, 15 years in a successful corporate career, eight years coaching and mentoring clients, as well as 16 years of his own personal development and education, leaves him with exceptional skills to assist his clients.

He has worked with owners of multi-million-dollar turnover businesses, corporate executives, lawyers/barristers, professional athletes, senior management executives, team leaders, small business owners, Police Officers and Soldiers, as well as many other individuals. Shaun’s experience has taught him one thing, and that is very often the problem that all of these individuals face is their inability to Self-Assess.

More recently he has also worked with teenagers who have been struggling with aspects of their life and this has ignited a passion for helping more young people. “If we can help young people be their best by learning the skills now, we won’t waste billions of dollars later on trying to fix them.”

Shaun believes Self-Awareness is one of the two critical ingredients if you want success in any aspect of your life. Most people have never developed the skill of Self-Assessment and therefore are prone to making ill-informed decisions based on what they think is happening, as opposed to what is indeed occurring. Shaun’s expertise lies in being able to get to the root of the real issue quickly and efficiently. The other critical ingredient is Patience. Shaun’s experience is most people will overestimate what you can do in one year, and grossly underestimate what is possible in one decade.

“I love helping people and making a difference. My passion is helping others to identify what doesn’t work for them and then put a plan in place to get them to where they want to be. Reading people and identifying their roadblocks is a skill I stumbled upon throughout my personal development education and experience. 13 years as a Police Officer, 15 years in corporate sales and 8 years personal coaching experience means I have almost 30 years’ lived experience reading people in situations from violent confrontations, covert operations and criminal investigation interviews, all the way to commercial negotiations and personal coaching/mentoring.” 

The overwhelming feedback from his clients is that the work Shaun has done for them what would have taken them years to do themselves, with many of them saying they don’t believe they could ever have unearthed the underlying issues and solved them on their own. His clients say that they are astounded at Shaun’s ability to read the situation, identify the behaviour that is sabotaging the result, and give them the answers to get back on track so quickly.

It is not a matter of IF Shaun can help you, it is a matter of whether you are prepared to do the work necessary to turn your situation around.

“I only work with people who are focused on doing the right thing and being responsible with the tools and strategies we develop together. I will NOT work with anyone if I feel they want to develop skills to enable them to manipulate or disadvantage others. My purpose is to help end mental and emotional pain and suffering for Alpha personalities. I am not going to help anyone do the opposite of this. If someone wants the magic pill, I am not his or her guy. It takes work and commitment, but the results speak for themselves.” 

The combination of Shaun’s broad-ranging experience and education is an extremely rare and unique combination that works amazingly well together despite being something that occurred by accident because of him handling his own PTSD, depression and suicide, while creating a successful corporate career, raising a young family and later dealing with his relationship breakdown and separation. He never set out to coach people, he only wanted to “fix” his own life, but along the way realised he was very good at helping other people, hence why he embarked on this career.

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Shaun only works with a limited number of people at any one time and the average time spent working with him is only 6 – 12 weeks.




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