Shaun O’Gorman has worked with hundreds of individuals, both in Australia and internationally, over the past ten years to assist them in creating amazing lives. The life experience and knowledge he has gained overcoming the tough times in his own life he now uses to help other people do the same.

Shaun has developed extensive skills in mentoring and coaching his clients to take the actions to create the results they desire. Whether it be in business, career, relationships, self-confidence, stress management, resilience development or leadership. His unique experience from 13 years as a frontline Police Officer, 15 years in a successful corporate career, eight years coaching and mentoring clients, as well as 17 years of his own personal development and education, leaves him with exceptional skills to assist his clients.


Shaun has worked with owners of multi-million-dollar businesses, corporate executives, lawyers/barristers, professional athletes, senior management executives, team leaders, small business owners, Police Officers and Soldiers, high school teachers and students, as well as many other individuals. His clients all say they achieved far more than they ever thought was possible by engaging with Shaun. His ability to see through the facade to what is really going on for his clients allows them to get the amazing results for themselves and create whatever it is in their life they desire.

“People all have blind spots in their behaviours and personalities. Something that I have developed over many years is the ability to be able to help my clients see those blind spots, create a new perspective on them, and take the action to change the behaviours that are not serving them.”

The combination of Shaun’s broad-ranging experience and education is extremely rare. He never set out to coach people, he only wanted to “fix” his own life. But along the way realised he was very good at helping other people. His no BULLSHIT approach to identifying the underlying issues and developing a plan to change them has a profound impact on his clients.

“In almost ALL other aspects of life, we engage teachers, mentors, and professionals. When it comes to our mental and emotional health and wellbeing most people adopt the DIY approach. This is why we have such an issue with stress, depression, and suicide in modern society” 

It is not a matter of IF Shaun can help you, it is a matter of whether you are prepared to do the work necessary to turn your situation around.

“If you want a profound change in your life then you need to get uncomfortable. If you are not prepared to do that then your life will never change.”



I have two structures for my mentoring program

1. The first is a 12-week mentoring program, we talk for 2 hours per week for the first 6 weeks either face to face or via skype/zoom, plus you have access to me any other time via text, email, or phone during this period. During the second 6 weeks, you have access to me via text, email, and phone to assist you while you cement your new habits, beliefs, and actions into your life. You will take away 6 formalised coaching plans that you can refer back to after the program is finished. I am available to you for the 12 week period anytime you need me. This program is $7,500 incl GST payable in three instalments at the beginning of each month of the program. If at any stage you are not getting the results you want from the program you can cancel and not pay further fees, that is my level of confidence in this program and the results you can achieve. If funding is a problem please contact me to discuss.

2. The second is a 12-month mentoring structure. This begins with a full day strategy and planning meeting to fully understand and assess what it is we are going to achieve through this process. This is done via face to face, skype, or zoom depending on your location. This can be split into two x 4-hour sessions if need be to facilitate skype or zoom planning. It then continues with an intensive 12-week program with 2 hours of formal sessions per week for the 12 week period either face to face or via skype/zoom.  During the 12 week period, you have access to me anytime via text, email, or phone to discuss and help implement the new behaviours and strategies we are working on to achieve your goals. We then have 9 monthly catch-ups to guarantee you are integrating your new modus operandi into your life, during this time I am available for discussions and advice outside our meeting times as often as needed. This program is $22,500 incl GST, paid in six instalments across the initial 6 months of the program. If at any time you are not getting the value from the program you want, you can cancel the program and not pay any further fees, that is how confident I am of the results you can achieve if you do the work. If funding is a problem please contact men to discuss.

* There is an opportunity to facilitate the full-day planning and strategy session at the beginning of the 12-week program, or as a stand-alone process, at a cost of $4,400 incl GST. If funding is a problem please contact me to discuss.

My goal is to teach you to fish rather than give you fish. ALL of my clients have achieved what they set out to do within their mentoring programs plus so much more.

I structure the mentoring around what you want to change in your life and every week you take away a structure to engage for the following week. These coaching structures can be used for reflection and further development by you after we have finished the program. It essentially becomes your plan for dealing with your life and achieving your goals. These are practical plans for how to deal with the situations in your life.

We also address some lifestyle factors for you that impact stress and general vitality like sleep, nutrition, and meditation, amongst others. Simple things that have huge impacts when employed properly.

While these are both significant investments, ALL of my clients tell me they would have paid significantly more once they realised the difference it made in their life. I regularly have clients save marriages, pull themselves out of depression, find fulfillment where they felt empty before, learn how to deal with really difficult people in their lives, and generally just get their shit together. Their improvement in business, career, relationships, health & fitness, self-worth/confidence, and general life effectiveness, is quite astounding. Many of my clients have made the investment back tenfold in their businesses due to their changed approach and attitude.

I only work with 6 mentoring clients at a time, so places are limited.

Contact me via the form at the bottom of the page to set up a 30-minute FREE strategy call to see if this is for you.


I offer one-off 60 – 120-minute coaching sessions to help you deal with a particular situation that you need advice and help with. These are not part of an ongoing program or structure and only deal with the impact of the particular circumstance we are discussing.

The best way to describe this is a NO BULLSHIT, straight to the point 60 or 120-minute session to address whatever challenge or situation you are dealing with. I will help you get to the bottom of what is happening and then identify what you need to do to move forward and bring resolution to the situation.

Clients use this coaching to gain insights and advice for the following types of scenarios.

  • Career advice
  • Relationship guidance
  • Preparation for major presentations or interviews
  • Advice for dealing with conflict within their personal or professional life
  • Stress management techniques and guidance
  • Accountability assessment for major decisions in their life
  • General life guidance and advice
  • Clarity in decision making

My clients use my knowledge and experience to help them find the answers they need in whatever scenario it is as quickly and efficiently as possible instead of struggling through the quagmire for months or years on their own.

My Coaching is $330 incl GST per hour. There is no ongoing commitment, you can use it as often or as infrequently as you choose. I will send you a coaching structure to help you deal with the situation you are wanting help with.

All great athletes, professionals, and business people have a coach. I created this opportunity so you can gain access to what helps these people achieve amazing success.

Please contact me through the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a time, or to get more information.

What Shaun’s clients say:

Julian H. “I spent my younger years in the military and later became a successful investment banker working abroad.  However, much of my life I have been in negativity mode and as a result felt generally unhappy, unfulfilled and angry. I genuinely believed happiness could be found from external sources by being fixated with money, success and working for prestigious multinational companies. However, after a recent stressful life event, I became even more disillusioned and withdrawn and began to question my life’s objectives and priorities. 

Shaun was highly recommended by someone close to me as a potential mentor/ coach.  I was very hesitant at first, but after our initial meeting, I knew Shaun had real-life experience and knowledge to help me.  More importantly, as I am a typical alpha male and an ex-member of the Australian Defence Force, I needed someone who was physically and emotionally strong who would persistently challenge me.

Shaun developed a specific program for me and we worked together for a few months. I saw tremendous growth and improvements in my mental well-being and physical fitness, but more importantly, my emotional connectedness with my family, friends, and work colleagues was so much healthier.  I finally acknowledged, with Shaun’s assistance, that the inner changes influenced happiness and not outside successes.

Shaun has experienced many tough challenges in his life, but that’s exactly why I sought his help. He is an attentive listener, tough but rational, solutions-driven and extremely pragmatic with a no-nonsense approach to happiness!”

 Linda G. “I have worked with Shaun to break through old beliefs and stressors that were contributing to feelings of being stuck and general unhappiness. Shaun takes the time to truly listen, understand and guide you through positive change. Essentially the change is our doing but Shaun is a master at inspiring and exciting us into action. His straight-shooting manner is disarming and honest and he certainly does not buy into excuses and let you off the hook. An essential part of the growth I believe.

It is clear to see and feel that Shaun deeply cares for his clients, and through our time spent working together, I feel more connected to my strength, resilience and more importantly, I am enormously excited and driven to live the magnificent life I desire. I cannot recommend Shaun’s work and Shaun enough and this includes his podcast, The Strong Life Project which always serves to fire me up in a very good way. Thank you Shaun, I am deeply grateful that you are so driven and willing to serve others in the way you do.”

Tim S. “I would like to thank Shaun O’Gorman for the time and effort he has put into me in all aspects of my life. The changes in believing myself. The positive actions, dealing with negative emotions, and creating my life in a positive way has changed my life completely in every aspect, business, emotionally, family and most importantly myself.

During the process I had a major emotional event occur that I didn’t see coming. 6 weeks into the process with Shaun this event all came out and through Shaun’s process, ability and training he helped me through the process of dealing with it and saved 12 months of my life. If I wasn’t working with Shaun I would not have been able to deal with this situation fully and it would have impacted the rest my life in a negative way. I can’t recommend Shaun and his work highly enough.

Craig L. I am a Military veteran and was struggling with PTSD and major depression, before working with Shaun I was on drugs and seeing a Psychiatrist for 8 years just so I could function. 

Now I am drug-free and have created meaningful connections, I am able to fully appreciate and connect with my children and partner on a whole new level. Best thing I ever did for myself!

I have PTSD well and truly under control, and I am moving forward in my business and my life in a way I never thought was possible.

I really cannot recommend Shaun’s mentoring program enough.”

Nick D. “I found Shaun to have amazing insight and awareness in relation to how the world works. He was great at narrowing down issues and focusing on what was important and what needed to be addressed.

Anyone looking for no-nonsense advice and executive coaching should definitely get in touch with Shaun.”

Sally A.  “Shaun is a refreshingly unique, left-of-centre character, who is totally up to something amazing in this world. Upon first meeting, Shaun completely understood my situation, but on the flip-side, he didn’t dwell on the detail. He helped me to move things forward in places I felt otherwise stuck. He showed me where I wasn’t helping myself, and in fact that I wasn’t stuck.

Whether the advice comes in the form of personal anecdote, relatable stories, or direct calling out of unhelpful behaviour – he has – hands down, been one of the most integral and pivotal advisors in my journey. The journey of mine was navigating the end of an abusive marriage, and ensuring my two beautiful children were minimally impacted – but you can insert ANY LIFE CHALLENGE here – and I know the influence of Shaun’s advice will have the same level of impact. I’ve never shied away from a challenge, but now I embrace it.

Shaun is the kind of person who lives his values and helps others to do the same. His infectious enthusiasm and energy are next-level – and single-handedly, he makes the world a better place.”

Lucy H. “I can honestly say that without Shaun my marriage would have ended, I would still be unhappy and my son would be struggling with his own mental health issues. We have all worked with Shaun over the last year and the results have been life-changing for all of us. His no-nonsense approach combined with practical tools has turned our lives around and I will be forever grateful for the impact he has had on us all.

As a shy, quiet, middle-aged female, I would never have thought that Shaun would be the person to work with. However, after seeing the results he achieved with both my husband and son I was keen to work with him myself. His sensitivity and genuine desire to help me overcome my challenges was more than I ever expected and I can’t recommend his mentoring program highly enough. Thank you, Shaun, from the bottom of my heart.”

Will H. “For the last few months Shaun has been helping my family and I overcome some individual barriers and problems which I had been struggling to overcome for years. Shaun and his awesome mentoring has enabled me to start a new and exciting chapter of my life which I can comfortably say I thought I would never experience. His knowledge and experience are exceptional and have really put me on the right path to have a happy fulfilling life and I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and dedication.

Thanks for everything you do mate. The way you have helped dad has been awesome and I’ve really benefited from it. Just seeing a guy like dad, and how he has changed, has really made me put everything into perspective. Much appreciated once again.”

Shane J. “I highly recommend Shaun O’Gorman and the Strong Life Project. He will challenge the way you think, change how you deal with everyday situations allowing you to become emotionally connected and more emotionally aware. Not only dealing with stress but to be more connected with your life, creating self-worth and learning to love yourself.

As Shaun would say “The World is your Oyster brother, go out and conquer it” After spending 6 weeks with Shaun he changed and challenged my way of thinking and I have learned to love me again! An amazing journey and I have much love for this man and all he does.”

Damien B. “When I first met Shaun, I was one fight loss away from quitting my fight career. As an MMA fighter, I had lost 4 fights in a row and had 10 wins and 8 losses from my professional career. Shaun helped me with my mindset around fighting and I not only won my next fight but went on to secure a UFC contract. I fought 6 times for the UFC. Now I run my own martial arts and fitness center, which I had always dreamed of but never thought was possible. When Shaun and I first worked together I told him my dream was to fight UFC and run my own gym, he absolutely helped me make that dream possible.

Shaun also helped me put my military career into perspective, including my deployment to Afghanistan where I was involved in combat. He helped me understand the PTSD I was diagnosed with was an injury as a result of my service. I have received support and treatment for my injuries because of this willingness to acknowledge my injuries from my service.

To say Shaun has helped me is an understatement, he showed me a totally different way of thinking and I have continued to develop this for the last 5 years. This has had a huge positive impact on my business, marriage, being a Dad and my life in general.

I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone who wants to make changes in their lives and achieve amazing outcomes.”

Mat T. “What I have received, benefited & learned from my time with Shaun is massive.

Shaun & I started off meeting to make sure we could work with each other, this meeting was a breath of fresh air for me as I had finally met somebody that I could speak openly about anything with & I knew that I was going to get an absolutely honest & straight to the point answer.

I have thrown a lot at Shaun from personal life to work life to everyday life. Shaun had NO issues relating to my situations, as a result, I had a lot to reflect on from our conversation which grew from the areas mentioned above.

I now, months on after our last official mentoring session, find myself going back subconsciously picking myself up on most, if not all the key points (Insecurities), we worked on over our time mentoring.

I personally lead a group managers, estimators & site installers in my workplace that I am now far more confident in leading due to Shaun opening my eyes to why I am actually in this role, I used to struggle to come to terms with being confident in my background, ability & how I was respected in my role to able to deliver information, feedback& advice to all of those employees until this was spelled out very clearly.

Shaun & I now still contact each other to discuss & make things are still moving in the right direction. Shaun’s honesty & direct approach is what focused me on what & why I was seeking this mentoring.

The whole experience has reflected through my work life & also through my personal life which has made a massive difference in both.” 

Luke P. “I reached out to Shaun at the end of 2018 after coming to the conclusion that I was struggling with just about everything that was going on in my life. My attitude was poor, I was angry at everyone and everything and realised I needed to be set straight. My light bulb moment was when I drove at the regular speed limit into a school zone and subsequently lost my license for 3 months.

I reached out to Shaun, knowing that anyone who has served in the Police tends to be a straight shooter. From the outset, it is clear he is not the sort of guy to wrap his arms around you and tell you everything is going to be Ok. That is not his style. He delivers a message that is powerful and on point. He tells you what you need to do in a way that not even your closest friends and family would do. Sometimes it may feel confronting, but its always delivered with your best interests in mind.

I have to say the impact on me of working with Shaun has been nothing but positive. My mind is clear and focussed, I am getting on with building an awesome business and life is great.

Bringing the right attitude to work, relationships and life, in general, is the single most important thing we can do as individuals. Thanks to Shaun, I am happy to say my attitude is exactly where I and those around me need it to be.”

Angela H. “Shaun is my guru. Through his 6-week mentoring program he changed my life in substantial ways. I can’t put my finger on any one thing – I don’t have enough fingers for that! However, there were a couple of major outcomes for me personally that have dramatically changed my daily operations – those are being calm and self-aware. This has helped me at work and in my personal life. I feel more confident when I have to challenge someone or something. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” 

John L. “More often than not when seeking any form of consulting, coaching, personal development, it’s easy to make assumptions and predict the very typical process, a proverbial “pat on the back” of encouragement, “Be a better you” ultimately regurgitated from the latest social media motivational clip and finishing the session with hugs and hi-fives. I think it’s fair to say that I was always very critical, and still am, of anyone that claims to be a consultant let alone a “Human Behavior Consultant” however I cannot say that any of that was the case here.

Shaun’s NO BS delivery and approach is like getting run over by a truck of your own reality that I could never have prepared for. Everything is concise, no fluff and surprisingly real-life practical. After first interactions and subsequent further consultations, Shaun has turned out to be the ultimate man-shed of practical life tools. From saving my marriage, embarking on a new career, and much to the disappointment of my local plasterer, resolving my anger issues, the advice and guidance is sometimes confronting but always very real and impactful.

I honestly cannot recommend Shaun highly enough for what he does, if his personal story alone doesn’t qualify him enough, then take it from me, it will be a life-changing experience for you.” 


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