My name is Shaun O’Gorman, and I am the founder of THE STRONG LIFE PROJECT.

I teach people about Human Behaviour, Critical Stress & Resilience and how to utilise what I have learned to create an amazing life for themselves.

I help Alpha Humans be more connected, effective and strong leaders in their life. I help them have the confidence to stand up, be counted and not care what other people think. Being a loving, connected and powerful leader means you are the best professional, partner, parent, friend, and colleague you can be, while not being influenced by other people’s opinions.

I have overcome many struggles and obstacles in my life, and through this process, I have Developed the ability to help other people achieve amazing results for themselves in their lives and ultimately to LIVE THE STRONG LIFE.

My Mum and Dad divorced when I was 12 years old, and from that time on I felt very much alone and really disconnected from everyone in my life, I didn’t feel like I fitted in anywhere.

I struggled greatly through high school with no confidence and again felt like a real outsider who didn’t fit in, and this was a very tough time for me where I hid away, I didn’t play sports, I didn’t enjoy study, I really felt very lost.

At 19 years old I became a Police Officer which was a lifelong dream of mine. When I achieved this, I thought that my life would improve dramatically and it did for a few years. My confidence was much greater, and I realized I had a real talent as a Police Officer.

At 22 I joined the Police Dog Squad or K9 Unit. This was a dream I had since I was 6 years old and I felt that at 22 I had achieved everything I wanted to in my life. This involved anything from dealing with violent domestic disturbances, armed hold-ups, vehicle pursuits, large brawls, it was a dream for me because every night was filled with excitement, violence and the opportunity to push myself to my limits.

Shaun and his work dog I LOVED this career but after a period realized that I was really unfulfilled and I was becoming more and more angry, reactive and violent. I was in fist fights at least weekly and encountering more and more violent offenders. I now realize I was seeking out these confrontations because I became addicted to that adrenaline and the opportunity to prove I was tough and fearless.

Several years later I joined the Covert and Surveillance Unit working on Major and Organised Crime syndicates trafficking in narcotics and other serious criminal activities. This again ended in me being very frustrated and feeling unfulfilled and unable to really help people and make a difference.

I left the Police when I was 32 and began a really dark time in my life. I had lost the career and the identity I had desired my whole life and felt like an absolute failure. I suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a culmination of many incidents including a vehicle pursuit and shooting I was involved in where 2 men committed suicide directly in front of me. The violence and depravity I had seen human beings perpetrate against each other meant I lost all faith in humanity. I suffered from clinical depression; I drank excessively, I was very angry and came extremely close to suicide many times. On one occasion I spent 3 nights in a row lying in bed with a Glock pistol in my hand going to end my life.

I went to psychiatrists and psychologists, and they could tell me why I was the way I was but NO ONE could tell me how to change it. This began a 15-year journey of personal development courses, study, education, working with coaches and mentors and finding every possible piece of information I could. This brought me to the point where I have created an ethos and a proven ability to help anyone deal with the problems and issues they have in their life. This allows my clients to achieve AMAZING RESULTS in all areas of their lives and helps them live an AMAZING LIFE.

We all have our challenges in life that we deal with, the story may be different, but the impact is often the same. The isolation and embarrassment that comes from tough times don’t need to define you.

Through my life, my experience and my story I have learned how to LIVE THE STRONG LIFE and I can show you how to live it too.